About myself

I like to draw the hens in my garden, the spider in the bathroom wall and the cows in the nearby field-all creatures great and small. These creatures are observed from near and far-the lounging cat in Spain,the small Thai elephant, the city pigeons in London....
I work largely in charcoal.The versatility and the soft feeling it convey is what appeals to me,as well as its local origin being made from Somerset willow.
My interest in tones and monochrome is what drew me into etching,which is forever exciting and challenging. My move towards print making has provided a different dimension to my work in recent years and offers a stimulating contrast to my large colourful expressive paintings .
I studied at Portsmouth College of Art and Dartington College of Arts.
I have exhibited widely in the South West and run workshops/projects in schools and other communities.
Most of the pictures on this site are for sale at a reasonable amount-from £15 (for an etching or print) to £300 for an original painting/pastel drawing.
Please contact me if you are interested in anything.